Baker Mayfield jersey sales skyrocketing after 1 win for the Cleveland Browns

But it’s not just Mayfield, all Browns jerseys

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO)- Cleveland Browns fans have drawers full of past quarterback jerseys and appear willing to add to their collections.

It took one magical half of football to propel Baker Mayfield jersey sales at Dick’s Sporting Goods to be the tenth best selling jersey this week for the NFL.

According to Dick’s that is a jump of 20 spots in one week.

But it’s not just Mayfield jerseys being scooped up, it’s all Browns jerseys.

Dick’s staff said sales of Browns jerseys rank fourth in total team sales this week and that is a rise of eight spots.

Last year’s Browns first round pick Myles Garrett continues to be among the top selling jerseys in the league.

Garrett is ranked number three overall for defensive jersey sales, up three spots since last season.

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