Boone County officials warn of possible door-to-door fundraising scam

Officials warn of fundraising scam

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Officials in Boone County are warning the community that what may seem like an innocent effort to raise money for a local elementary school may actually be a fraud.

There have been reports of an adult and a child going door-to-door asking for money that they claim is for Goodridge Elementary School, but school officials have said there is no such fundraiser in place.

Amy Bornhorst, a Burlington resident of 10 years, said she and her boyfriend heard a knock at their door Monday night, and when her boyfriend answered it, he was greeted by a woman and a young boy.

“Probably about 7 or 8. Goes on his little spiel saying that they’re trying to get donations for the Goodridge PTA," said Bornhorst.

According to Bornhorst, there were a few red flags.

“They didn’t have any kind of paper, and normally they do, where you can write your name down and how much you donate," said Bornhorst. "Didn’t have an envelope, a clipboard, nothing.”

Bornhorst said the two only wanted cash donations, but she did not give them anything. She said she had already seen a post that was made on the Goodridge Elementary Facebook page Monday, warning the community that the school’s PTA is not doing any door-to-door fundraisers, and neither is any other school-related group.

Boone County Schools post
Boone County Schools post

Bornhorst is one of many people reporting the same or similar situations, from Burlington to Hebron. Some people have said that they did give the pair money and now wish they had not.

“That somebody would do that. Like are you serious?" said Bornhorst. "Now people will be doing real PTA events and they aren’t going to want to donate money because they’re going to think it’s a scam.”

Bornhorst’s advice: do not shut yourself off to charity, but ask for documentation and proof before giving out your hard earned cash.

“Be weary. You never know," said Bornhorst.

Neighbors said the woman and boy are not familiar faces.

Officials have not released a description of the two or shared a description of a possible vehicle, but schools officials are directing anyone with information to contact the Boone County Sheriff’s Office.

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