Witness recount details of Burlington crash

Witness recount details of Burlington crash

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Fox19 Now spoke with a young man who said three of his friends were in one of the cars that crashed off of Rt. 18 in Burlington, not far from Kroger’s and Donato’s pizza.

“They were three of my friends,” said Tyrus Engle. “All I heard {was} the car coming down right here. Once they got passed these buildings… there was just sparks and flames,” he said standing beside the crash site with his mom.

Tire marks and debris, left from the accident Saturday night, could still be seen along the grassy area of the highway.

Mike Blaker was traveling on the opposite side of the highway when he saw the crash.

Michael Burlington Crash

“All of a sudden we saw a car spinning, sparks were flying 20 or 30 feet in the air. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen before," he said.

According to Tyrus, this started with an invitation to reckless behavior.

“The dude came up to us. We were sitting at the gas station. He came up to us wanting to race, and he got this super-fast car. And then he tried to show me and our friends how fast his car really was and it didn’t end too well,” Tyrus said.

He also tells Fox19 Now that he thought something didn’t seem right about the man who wanted to race.

“From the start he was delusional. He wasn't all there,” he said. “It was all young kids, and he was like a middle-aged man. Thirty or forty maybe,” he continued.

While Tyrus was checking his friends, Mike was tending to the other car across the highway.

“As I got closer to that area I heard someone moaning. I just followed it, and I found what turned out to be the driver,” he explained standing next to the crash site.

“I never thought my night last night would have ended up being like that,” Tyrus said just before leaving the scene with his mother.

Fox19 Now has not been able to confirm the injuries or conditions of those involved.

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