Food pantry expands, relocates to help UC students

Community can donate to Bearcats Pantry at UC

UC pantry expands, adds clothing

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The new Bearcats Pantry is located in Stratford Heights at the University of Cincinnati.

School officials say it’s about making sure students have what they need to succeed. Food, hygiene products, cleaning supplies and now professional clothing can be found in the pantry.

“Twenty to 22 percent of students on college campuses have some form of food insecurities,” UC Assistant Dean of Students Daniel Cummins said. “We also know that 17 percent of students have some form of housing insecurity. The Bearcat Pantry is a resource to help reduce and move toward eliminating those insecurities.”

School officials say this started in a small closet a couple years ago. They say they quickly realized they needed more space.

“Seeing the opening is knowing that students will have the opportunity to be their Bearcat best," Cummins said.

What is in the pantry right now is strictly donations from faculty, students, and staff at the university.

“It’s been great," Bearcats Pantry Student Assistant Sarah Robinson said. "We have had a lot of our past students who used the pantry in our previous space who will come to this pantry. You can see in their face. I think this space offers a lot more safety and security and also welcomeness.”

School officials say they are always accepting donations. If you would like to donate, reach out to the Assistant Dean of Students Office at 513-556-5064 or send an email to

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