‘I can still see his eyes’: Man arrested, accused of peeping in Middletown woman’s window

‘We were looking right at each other,’ woman says

Man accused of peeping in woman's window

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A man was arrested in Middletown after police say he was caught peeping in a woman’s window.

"The only thing I could see was his eyes because we were looking right at each other. I couldn't see the rest of his face. I can still see his eyes," said Leah Angelini.

She says she is still creeped out after catching the man peering into her bedroom window in the early morning hours on Monday. She said she couldn’t sleep and when she opened her window to get some air, that’s when she noticed a man looking in.

“I just kind of stared at him for about five seconds because I didn’t know what to do. Then I dropped down crawled into (her brother’s) room and got him. I said somebody’s outside my window wake up," she said.

By the time her brother Scott Angelini walked outside of their home on Creekview, the man was gone. He then walked around the block to try to find him. That’s when he says he spotted the man accused of the crime, Derrick Flannery.

“He came out between the two houses and saw me then kind of dipped back behind the house in the shadows so I wouldn’t see him. I was about 20 yards from him at this point and I yelled at him,” said Scott Angelini. “He said he was homeless. I said I don’t give a care what you are don’t be looking in my sister’s window.”

He says Flannery took off running again and that he kept chasing him through the yards in the neighborhood until police arrived. The police report says that a K-9 found Flannery hiding on the back of a porch on Terrace. During a search police reportedly found several items including gloves, a camera, and a knife.

"That makes it even worse you know because I don't know what he was doing and what his intentions were. That makes it scarier I think," said Leah Angelini.

For now she’s relieved he was caught.

Flannery is facing several charges including voyeurism, possession of criminal tools and five charges of criminal trespassing. Police are also working to see if Flannery is connected to several other car break-ins in the area.

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