Norwood police investigating after man exposes himself to 12-year-old girl

Man accused of exposing self to 12-year-old

NORWOOD, OH (FOX19) - Police are looking for a man who allegedly exposed himself to a girl walking down the street Monday evening.

According to a police report, the suspect was driving a white SUV when he pulled up to the 12-year-old girl asking if she wanted to see something and then pulled down his pants. It happened at the intersection of Mills and Ivanhoe avenues.

Norwood Police Lt. Ron Murphy described the incident as sickening. It’s the second time this has happened near that intersection since August.

The police report says after the man exposed himself to the girl she ran to a friend's home down the street to call police. Murphy hopes this is the last time a report like this one comes across his desk not only because it's disturbing but because they're hard to investigate.

“People I think are shocked, the shock value makes them not realize what they just saw,” said Murphy.

That makes it difficult to identify a suspect. No one has been caught in the August case, according to Murphy.

FOX19 reached out to the victim’s mother and she declined to comment.

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