Possible Rumpke expansion has people speaking out, officials saying it’s needed

The expansion would add 240 acres of disposal area to the existing site.

Possible Rumpke expansion has people speaking out, officials saying it’s needed
In 2006, Rumpke applied for a zoning change to expand the landfill by about 300 acres.

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) -Rumpke Landfill could be expanding.

Colerain Township resident Tiffany Wells says she lives about 2 to 3 minutes away from the landfill. Wells says she’s all for it.

In addition to the 240 acres the expansion would bring, Rumpke officials also say it would provide green space around the site and produce less air emissions than the current site.

On Saturday a “Rumpke Day of Discovery” event was held, officials say, to try and familiarize more people about what happens with your trash once it’s taken from your curb.

“Rumpke’s landfill here in Colerain Township is a vital asset," Rumpke Corporate Communications Manager Molly Yeager said. "We provide an essential service to more than two million residents and 20,000 businesses in the region and our landfill is quickly running out of space. We have about eight years of airspace left here at the landfill and that means eight years to dispose of this regions trash.”

“Even if they moved you’re still going to smell it because they can’t take all that trash away," Wells said. "I have lived here 30 years and yes it does stink sometimes but if you don’t want the smell then don’t move here.”

The company says without the expansion trash would have to be put somewhere else which could boost bills 20 percent.

A person weighing in on the Colerain Talks Facebook group said, “Prefer they didn’t, prefer they moved the new area elsewhere," The person also offered to help pay extra for that.

Another person said, “The stink has to get under control better. Its horrible some days.”

Rumpke officials also say if this expansion happens it will provide an additional 25 years of capacity for the area.

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