No discipline for Kings High principal who claims use of ‘N word’ misunderstood

Kings High principal under fire for N-word

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The principal at Kings High School admits to using the N-word twice, but says it wasn’t meant as a racial slur.

Principal Doug Leist said the N-word during a staff meeting in January. The meeting was called to discuss some Kings students who used racially insensitive nicknames on their intramural basketball jerseys.

“He referenced a student calling another student the N-word and said the N-word in a staff meeting -- so he was repeating what a student had said to another student and told the staff that this is inexcusable and not something that we can tolerate from our student body,” said Tim Ackermann, Kings Local Schools superintendent.

Ackermann says the second incident happened leading up to a homecoming dance in September when a black student wanted to use a song that had questionable lyrics. “The student then asked specifically what inappropriate language does it have in it and Mr. Leist said the lyric that had the N-word in it that made it inappropriate,” the superintendent said.

Ackermann says the principal used the actual N-word with no malicious intent and didn't direct it at anyone. Rev. Pete Mingo, a Cincinnati community outreach advocate, says the term is something that’s no longer acceptable under any circumstances, especially an educator.

“They’re young minds, the absorb all that and they already know what the words stands for. They already know the negative inclinations of it. They already know all these things so there's nothing he has to teach them about that word at all. They know it,” said Mingo.

Leist will not face any disciplinary action. The superintendent says the school district has a lot of work to do to make everyone feel included.

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