City Council member calls for action at ‘dangerous’ intersection, mentions speed cameras

Demanding change at dangerous intersection

NORTHSIDE, OH (FOX19) - Residents are calling for action after multiple crashes at an area intersection in the past few weeks.

The intersection of Chase and Florida avenues is sparking conversation on Facebook and prompting a Cincinnati City Council member to step up -- Greg Landsman is now calling on the city’s police department and engineer’s office to conduct a study.

One resident, Pamela Joy Miller said she's terrified for her life and others when it comes to walking or driving through the intersection. She woke up to the crash that involved the pedestrians being struck last week.

“The screams of the pedestrians woke me up and are burned in my brain. Unfortunately this is not a unique occurrence,” she wrote.

Last week two pedestrians were sent to the hospital after being struck by a car at the intersection. There have also been at least three collisions at the intersection over the past two weeks and a house at the corner of the intersection was crashed into more than once.

“As you see it’s real busy here,” said Alfonso O’Hara, who lives in the neighborhood.

Landsman says the analysis done by the city will look at data from the intersection and areas nearby. He says it's either a law enforcement issue, an infrastructure issue or both.

“What’s happening at this particular intersection is happening across the entire city. It’s awful and we need to be better coordinated,” said Landsman.

The outcome of the study could result in speed bumps or a speed monitor. One thing Landsman wants the city to consider is installing speeding cameras.

“Something we need to at least put on the table for discussion are speeding cameras which would require a charter amendment,” he said.

Landsman expects the analysis to be completed in a few weeks.

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