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Freezing temperature dangerous for pets

While the Kenton Co. Animal shelter is taking care of dozens of animals, making sure they stay warm this winter, they have a few tips for you to make sure your pet stays healthy.

1 - Watch out for salted sidewalks and roads. It can irritate your pets' paws so make sure to wash and dry their feet once back in doors.

2 - Keep an eye on dogs' ears and tails. Both are a common areas for frostbite.

3- When the mercury falls below freezing, don't wash your dog outside. Evans said they have two coats that easily trap moisture.

4- And even though sweaters may look silly, veterinarians actually recommend them for short-hair breeds.

Kenton County Animal Shelter Director Dan Evans said the cold isn't necessarily a bad thing for pets; as long as they only stay outside for brief periods of time and/or come inside the house once when the temperature drops below freezing.

If you ever see a pet left outside for too long, you're urged to contact Animal Control.


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