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Good Samaritans rescue woman from car that flew over embankment, caught fire

Melissa "Missy" Robbins (Source: Facebook) Melissa "Missy" Robbins (Source: Facebook)

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TAYLOR MILL, KY (FOX19) - A woman who lost control of her car and went crashing over an embankment along Ky. Hwy. 16 at I-275 is in critical condition at University Hospital.

The fiery crash shut down the Interstate for a couple of hours near Taylor Mill on Wednesday afternoon.

FOX19 spoke with the two Good Samaritans who pulled the unconscious woman to safety. Both of them are being hailed by the police as real heroes. They didn't think of their own safety. And in seconds, they saved Missy Robbins, of Independence, from burning to death.

Police say Robbins was trapped and unconscious in her car, which had just soared over a steep hillside.

It's hard to believe, looking at the twisted wreckage, that anybody could survive such a terrible accident.

"I'm glad God put me in the right spot at the right time," said a humble Bryan Brulport, who was one of those "Good Sams."

Brulport was heading eastbound on I-275, saw the accident, jumped-out and ran-up on the scene, despite seeing flames.

"There was a small fire on the motor yeah," he said.

Despite that, Brulport began punching the windows.

"I punched the back window out and I tried to punch the front window out and I couldn't, so I stepped back, ran up and kicked it and then I could see she was in there."

She was unconscious and slumped-over, still seat-belted-in.

Brulport knew he had moments to free her.

"20 seconds, 30 seconds," he said.

"They knew they had to get her out," said Sergeant Karen Spanyer with the Taylor Mill Police Department.

"I crawled in the car and pulled the seat belt over her head and got underneath of her and yanked her out of the car," Brulport said.

At least two of the hubcaps from that red Oldsmobile Robbins was driving were laying back in the brush. Her bumper was still sitting on the hillside. Her car actually traveled about 50 feet through that brushy area along Kentucky Highway 16, before her car plunged 25 feet over the embankment, then landed on it's rooftop on the shoulder of I-275.

Brulport and "Good Sam" number two, Scott Williams, carried Robbins to safety.

Traffic backed-up and Brulport spotted a fire extinguisher on a dump truck.

"So I ran-up to a dump truck and grabbed a fire extinguisher and came back and sprayed the car a little bit and stuck my head in and was pretty sure there wasn't anybody else in there and it just kinda blew up," he said.

His hands were still stinging from punching the windows.

"It's just swollen-up a little bit," he said.

A witness on Kentucky Highway 16 told Taylor Mill Police, he passed the woman just before she went off the road.

"When it passed the witness," Sgt. Spanyer said. "He saw that the driver was slumped over the wheel, so it's possible that the driver was unconscious."

"I just think I was in the right spot at the right time and did what anybody should do," Brulport said.

"Yeah, it was really nice," said Sgt. Spanyer. "They probably saved her life."

FOX19 did talk with the other Good Samaritan, Scott Williams.

He gently declined an on-camera interview, but says he saw someone who needed to be helped and he helped, it was that simple.

Robbins is in critical condition at UC Hospital. She is alert and talking with family and friends, but is in a great deal of pain with a lacerated liver, ruptured spleen and plenty of bruises. She is lucky and thankful to be alive. 

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