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Appalachian Oil

Geologists take another look at Appalachians in search of oil

Ohio and some other states are part of a consortium that is planning an exhaustive study in search of new oil reserves beneath the Appalachian foothills.

The two-year review is being sparked by record-high prices for crude oil and the country's continuing need for it. Some experts remain concerned about digging deep enough into the Appalachian basin to find oil, and transporting it where it needs to go afterwards.

The region was a significant producer in the late 1800s and the early 1900s. A stretch in northwest Ohio saw nearly 100-thousand wells that produced about 600 million barrels. But eventually coal became the area's most valuable natural resource.

Scientists are now poring through existing records to make educated guesses as to the existence and location of bigger, deeper oil deposits. A Kentucky geologist says the area could be an important oil producer again.

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