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Mother To Serve 12 Years For Drunk Driving Crash That Killed Children

The mother of two girls who were killed in an drunk driving crash was sentenced on Monday and the grandmother of the girls spoke to her former daughter-in-law for the last time.

Patricia Edwards was sentenced to 12 years in prison after being convicted of vehicular homicide in the death of ten-year-old Morgan and six-year-old Skylar. 

Sheryl Daulton, the grandmother of the two girls spoke directly to Edwards, reading from a prepared speech and wearing a button with a picture of the two girls on her lapel. 

"This is the first time I've had a chance to talk to you since Morgan and Skylar's death.  And it's the last time." said Daulton sternly.  She asked Edwards what kind of mother would put her two children in a car without seatbelts and then drive drunk. 

Edwards crossed the middle line on an Adams County road.  The impact ejected the two girls from the mangled vehicle. 

"My heart breaks again and again," added Daulton.  "Morgan and Skylar didn't have to die.  It was a senseless act of neglect." 

Edwards apologized for the act telling the court "I prayed, in the hospital, for God to take me too.  I am still praying to this day not to wake up in the morning."

Daulton asked FOX19 News to attend the sentencing, not to document the events, but to show the loss that the crash has wrought.  Daulton wants everyone to see the pain caused by the actions of one who was driving drunk.

Andrea Rehkamp of Mothers Against Drunk Driving doesn't know what it will take for people to realize the effects of drunk driving.  "I don't understand what it's going to take for people to make the choice not to put their children in danger and do these things," said Rehkamp after the hearing.

Daulton said that she knew Edwards had a drinking problem and wished she had done more.  Know she hopes the pain they have experienced will save someone else's life.

Report: Chris Shaw

Web Producer: Cliff Jenkins



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