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October 24, 2002

Kentucky Truck Driver Tips Police

A Kentucky truck driver's quick thinking looks to have given investigators the key to unlocking the case of the Beltway Sniper.

Ron Lantz spotted a car described on the Truckin' Bozo radio show, broadcast on Cincinnati's WLW-AM, as wanted by police parked at a rest stop in Frederick County, Maryland. The 61-year-old Ludlow resident immediately called authorities and even blocked the exit lane until help could arrive.

"About 15 to 20 minutes later, that place was full of FBI," recalled Lantz, back at home Thursday afternoon.

Officers surrounded the Chevrolet Caprice and arrested John Muhammad and 17-year-old John Lee Malvo in connection with shootings that left 10 dead and three others injured since October 2. Police also seized a rifle, scope, and tripod from the car. Ballistic tests confirm the weapon matches evidence taken from several crime scenes.

While the men remain detained on violations unrelated to the sniper attacks, a law enforcement source expressed confidence that "these are the people" responsible. Residents in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and the rest of the country can't help but feel a sense of relief, owed, in part, to a humble truck driver from Kentucky.

"I'm no hero," started Lantz, who also offered to donate half of any reward money to victims' families. "I just want people to think what I did is what I should have done."

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