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“How Can I Lose Weight When I’ve Tried Everything?”

If you feel deflated after numerous failed weight loss attempts, you may be a skeptic and that’s understandable. Losing weight and keeping it off is no easy task. What makes UniqueU’s Cincinnati medical weight loss program different from the rest is that our weight loss program is designed “uniquely for you.” Our approach goes beyond boxed medical weight loss plans and takes the whole person into consideration:

Phase 1 – Detox: the main objective of the first phase is to cleanse the system, and diminish cravings and hunger while promoting weight loss

Phase 2 – Medication: during the critical second phase, you are given medication that helps burn stored and abnormal fat. At the same time, the medication enables you to maintain muscle with enhanced metabolism

Phase 3 – Ketosis: we combine a high protein, low carbohydrate meal plan with dietary supplements and exercise for rapid burning of normal fat cells

Phase 4 – Maintenance: by the time you reach phase 4 you will have learned how to make healthy food choices, moderate your portion control and embrace a new, active lifestyle

Request a free consultation at our Cincinnati medical weight loss center or call UniqueU Medical Weight Loss & Wellness at 513-984-2700 today.

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UniqueU Medical Weight Loss & Wellness offers Cincinnati a unique approach to healthier, happier lives; weight loss without muscle loss. Our proven approach helps our clients achieve permanent weight loss by reducing fat with a program tailored to their individual goals, current weight and lifestyle. Learn more about our weight loss program....


At UniqueU, you lose weight by following a program tailored specifically for you, based on six tested fundamentals of weight loss:

  • Medications: appetite controlling medications
  • Supplements: aimed at maintaining health and well-being
  • Weight loss education: knowledge is power
  • Emotional support
  • Diets: a 4-phase diet plan designed especially for you
  • Exercise

Compare our approach to weight loss.

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You may have questions about the cost of our programs. Many of our clients find that our programs pay for themselves! When you eat the tasty, wholesome meals we recommend with our program, you'll find that your spending less, much less on food. If you want to learn more about the cost of achieving permanent weight loss, attend a free consultation at UniqueU Medical Weight Loss and Wellness and be sure to ask the Doctor about how Easy Pay makes weight loss affordable.

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