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Controlling Your Holiday Spending - Work Ideas

Baked goods
Make a batch of cookies, brownies or even a sweet bread. You can do this in one night for minimal “dough”, and as soon as you lay it out in the break room at work, you will be an instant hero. Be sure to post a creatively decorated note with the sweets saying “Happy Holidays” and don’t forget to write your name in large letters so they know from whom the bounty came.

Simply give each co-worker a holiday card. Personalize your message and you are good to go. You can even put a little more love in it and make a card for each co-worker (if you work for a large company, just focus on your department…). Remember – it’s the thought that counts. Hint: Be sensitive to workplace diversity, and do not give a card specific to Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa – just make it a nice Happy Holidays and Great New Year type of card. This will make sure everyone’s happy!

Bowl of Candy
Put a bowl of candy on your desk and send an office-wide email letting everyone know it is there. You can also decorate the bowl with ribbons and bows as well as a big note full of well wishes from you. Then watch everyone flock to your desk. This would also be a great time to tell each person how much you enjoyed working with them this last year.

Secret Snowflake
Secret Snowflake is also very popular in offices. See description in the "Last Minute" section and suggest it to your HR Director. S/He can coordinate an official Secret Snowflake event, possibly at your office holiday party!

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