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'Wedding crasher' busted for theft

By Joe Danneman - bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A local woman is behind bars after allegedly ripping off guests at a wedding.

Cheviot Police arrested Deborah Brothers-Schuler late last week. Besides crashing a wedding, she's also charged with passing bad checks at Bingo halls.

In this case, she showed up to a wedding uninvited and stole from the guests.

Danny Moore ss a hard working father of two who almost lost his wife to a heart attack eight months ago.

"Five days after the heart attack, they took me into emergency C-section and triple bypass surgery," said Misty Moore, the bride.

Misty is now a 'Living Proof' billboard and also a new wife.

On Valentine's Day, Danny and Misty exchanged vows and stuck around for pictures. That's when Deborah Brothers-Schuler is accused of walking into the reception hall without an invitation.

"His friends didn't know my family and my family didn't know all of his friends, so nobody put it together," said Misty.

Police say Brothers-Schuler went table to table asking for money for the newlyweds' honeymoon.

"That's when we found out we had somebody crashing our wedding," said Misty.

Danny called the cops the next day. Police arrested the 57-year-old a month later.

But, police aren't sure how much money she scored.

"We were upset, but we didn't let it sidetrack us too much because it was our wedding day. We weren't going to let it get ruined," said Danny.


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