Mache Salad from The Orchid

Mache salad

With fig and brie grilled cheese, candied kumquats and citrus vinaigrette

(Serves 2)

2ea             heads of mache lettuce

8 ea            kumquats

¼ c              sugar

½ c              water

4 ea            baguette slices

4 ea            brie slices

3 oz            dried figs

3 oz            port wine

¼ c              port wine reduction

½ c              orange juice cooked by half

2 T              honey

1T               rice wine vinegar

½ c              oil

  • Quarter kumquats and remove pulp
  • Cook kumquats on low heat for 1 hour in sugar and water
  • Cook figs in port wine until tender and puree
  • Make grilled cheese with fig puree brie slices and baguette
  • Grill sandwich in butter until golden brown
  • Make vinaigrette with orange juice
  • Honey, rice vinegar and oil
  • Toss greens with vinaigrette and candied kumquats
  • Paint plate with port wine reduction and place green on top of the warm sandwich