New Richmond police chief indicted

By Sara Gouedy - bio | email

NEW RICHMOND, OH (FOX19) - A local police chief faces controversy after being indicted Wednesday by a Clermont County grand jury on six criminal charges.

The indictment for New Richmond Police Chief David Willoughby outlines everything from stalking to dereliction of duty.

Willoughby has been battling controversy for months, but he's not talking about the charges, and neither are other New Richmond officers.

"We're not allowed to discuss the matter at all, per our sergeant, who is the acting police chief," said Officer John Pelcha

But that doesn't stop the people in New Richmond from talking about what's in this indictment.

Six charges are against the former chief, including stalking a minor, unauthorized use of property and theft while in public office.

"I mean, that seems like a lot. It's not just some little crime. It seems pretty serious," said New Richmond resident Courtney Koelling. "There's just that question, and there shouldn't be that question in anybody's mind if you're the police chief.">

Willoughby's attorney, Eric Deters, says there's a reasonable explanation for all of the charges against his client.

"According to my client, there is a police officer that works for the police department, that has a beef with him," said Deters. "He thinks that's the source of all this stuff, and if you notice, it's kind of like a smorgasbord of charges, oh lets accuse him of this, but none of them are related."

Sources say Willoughby's on leave from the department.