Police make an arrest in 2002 homicide

Victim: Noland Moi (Courtesy Cincinnati Police)
Victim: Noland Moi (Courtesy Cincinnati Police)
Arrested: William McNally (Courtesy Cincinnati Police)
Arrested: William McNally (Courtesy Cincinnati Police)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Police have made an arrest in the 2002 murder of a Madisonville man.

On Thursday, the Cincinnati Police Homicide Unit arrested and charged 28-year-old William Eric McNally with the Aggravated Murder of Noland Moi.

On March 11, 2002 investigators found 19-year-old Moi shot to death in his home at the 4400 block of Erie Avenue.

For seven years, Moi's mother, Lucy Logan, has had no real answers to the questions about what happened to her son. But in the past few days, she's heard a lot from police about William McNally.

"He robbed Nolan 9 months before he was murdered," said Logan.

Logan believes McNally came back to rob Nolan again, and shot him instead. But she says someone else called in the information about McNally.

"He called homicide and said, 'I just can't carry this around with me anymore, this information, I've got to tell, I've got to tell somebody,'" said Logan.

In a way, it's justice for a woman who's spent a huge amount of her time trying to get people to call in crime tips.

Logan founded "Who Killed Our Kids," a group that tries to raise awareness about unsolved murder cases.

On the night of Logan's vindication, she attended yet another rally for the group. This one was balloon launch for the family of Deondray Hill, who was killed in 2008.

"Your case can be solved. The whole point of the group is to have a case solved," said Logan.