Teens stabbed during party in Forest Park

Posted by Amber Jenkins- email

FOREST PARK, OH (FOX19)-- Police are investigating the cause of a fight at a local lounge that left several teens injured Saturday night.

At 10:40pm, Forest Park Police were called to the Bora Lounge, located at the 1100 block of West Kemper Road,  for a report of a large fight. Flyer at the scene says the lounge was hosting an "Official Spring Break Bash" teen party that night.

Police spoke with three Hamilton County Sheriff's Deputies who were hired by the owner to provide outside security for the event. According to the officials, there was a fight between two groups of girls. Several teens were injured during the fight that may have involved a weapon or broken glass.

Five teens were suffered lacerations from the fight, but none of the injuries are life-threatening.

Police say that the crowd turned disorderly when 300 people refused to leave the lounge. Other police officers responded at used pepper spray inside the building to clear the area while medic units treated the injured teens outside.

Several individuals were treated at the scene and at Mercy Fairfield for minor reactions to the pepper spray.

Officials say that three teens were arrested for disorderly conduct in the aftermath of the fight. One of the teens is also charged with resisting arrest.

Forest Park police are still investigating the cause of the fight and who may have been involved. Anyone with information is asked to call Forest park Police at 513-595-5220 or Crimestoppers at 513-352-3040.