The Big Switch and FOX19

As a follow-up on DTV's transition status, the President has now signed the law moving the date for the national transition from analog signals to digital transmissions to June 12, 2009. While several stations around the country will go ahead with their move to DTV on the original, date of February 17, most, including FOX19 will not.

The Federal Communications Commission has announced several regulations, clearly aimed at discouraging stations from going solely-digital on February 17, a date that is now considered by Congress and the FCC to be "early."

That's why most stations across America, including WAVE 3, will be waiting until June.

Bottom line: FOX19's analog service and digital service will continue until June 12 with no changes.

For those waiting for converter box coupons from the government, it may be awhile before new or renewed coupons arrive.

But don't wait until June to get digital-ready. Purchase your digital converter box (or boxes if you have more than one TV in your home) or consider a cable, satellite subscription.