Teen accused of bringing gun to local school

ST. BERNARD, OH (FOX19) - A local 13-year-old has been charged for bringing a gun to school.

School officials at St. Bernard High School called police on Monday at 11 a.m. to notify them that a 13-year-old may have a gun in his locker. The assistant principal called the student into his office, where the student told him that he did have a gun in his locker because other guys have been picking on him.

Police recovered the loaded semi automatic from a book bag in the teen's locker. The student admitted he brought the gun to school on Friday and it was in the locker through the weekend. He said he got the gun from his aunt when he was helping her move a few weeks ago.

The gun was reported stolen in January of 2002 from Inez, Kentucky. ATF Washington DC is holding the original report of the theft.

The juvenile was charged with Carrying Concealed Weapons (M1)  Possession of a concealed weapon on school property (F5) and Receiving Stolen Property (F4) and was transported to the Hamilton County Juvenile Detention Facility.