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Questions arise over inmate's death

Marion "Timmy" Parker (Courtesy Kenton County Detention Center) Marion "Timmy" Parker (Courtesy Kenton County Detention Center)

By Dan Wells - bio | email

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - More questions are being asked about a murder inside the Kenton County Jail.

Police say Marion "Timmy" Parker III, 27, strangled Isaac Jackson, 40, while he slept. The two were assigned to the same unit at the Kenton County Jail.

Jackson was in jail for a misdemeanor charge of giving a false name to a police officer. Parker was in jail for murder. So how did they end up in the same unit? Prison officials say it wasn't; there was a reason for the pairing.

The Kenton County Detention Center says the jail is now in the middle of an internal investigation into Jackson's death.

"Did we have the appropriate policies in place? We believe we did and now we're looking to make sure our policies were followed by our staff," said Col. G.S. Colvin with the Detention Center.

On Sunday, prison staff found Jackson's body beaten and strangled in his cell. Police say Parker is the man responsible.

"They met us and they are still telling us that they have to investigate it," said Frances Gardner, Jackson's mother. "They don't really know what happened, and we're just wondering why my son was in there with that mass murderer."

And that's where something called "objective prison classification" comes into play. That's the process of pairing inmates.

"It's based on their current charges, their criminal history and institutional behavior, and its through these three areas that we assign a prisoner a custody level," said Colvin.

Both Jackson and Parker were classified as restrictive custody inmates, which means they were kept away from the general jail population, but they didn't warrant being held in one of the jails 14 single cells.

"In the case of Mr. Jackson, (he) did have a minor charge but when we look at his criminal history we know that Mr. Jackson had 29 previous arrests and spent 15 years in an Ohio penitentiary for aggravated robbery with is one of the big seven that will get you a higher custody level in most jails," said Colvin.

That information doesn't give the murder victim's family any comfort.

"I'm not sure, I don't know how the system works. It just seems real funny right now they can't tell us anything, I just really don't know," said Gardner.

The investigation is continuing. Parker will be in court April 7.

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