Accused panty thief arrested again for theft from deli

Arlene Smith (Courtesy Hamilton County Sheriff's Department)
Arlene Smith (Courtesy Hamilton County Sheriff's Department)

Posted by Trina Kinstler - email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A woman who was appearing in court to face charges that she stole over $1,300 worth of panties was arrested again and charged for stealing from the Courthouse Deli.

Arlene Smith, 47, was appearing in court Wednesday on two counts of theft after she allegedly stole 180 pairs of panties from the Victoria's Secret in Norwood. When she arrived in court, she was arrested for stealing 14 items from the Courthouse Deli, which is operated by Kent Parker, who is visually impaired.

Police say that on March 20, Smith was observed on surveillance camera taking five candy bars and placing them in her purse. A half hour later, she was observed again taking a cupcake and a can of soda. The total of all the stolen items was $7.30.

Smith has been charged with three more counts of theft for allegedly taking the items from the deli.

The Courthouse Deli is no stranger to theft cases. It has been robbed several times in recent months.