Mason Schools laying off teachers

By Sara Gouedy - bio | email

MASON, OH (FOX19) - Another local school district is laying off teachers.

Mason School Board leaders say 22 positions will be cut in the district, either through job sharing, retirements or attrition.

The layoffs mark the first time in decades the district has cut teaching positions. School district leaders tell FOX19 five teachers of the 22 were given pink slips on Friday.

It's the kind of news that stuns some parents.

"I'm surprised because we've passed several levies in this district, worth a lot of money. That and school fees. I don't understand," said parent Erica Foley.

In addition to the layoffs, the Mason school district will make a total of $5 million in cost cutting throughout the district.

District spokeswoman Tracy Carson says the cuts happened because Mason school leaders expect less money from the state next year.

Some people see other ways the district could save money.

"They do the extension on the school, that's not right. That should have ben cut before teachers, and activities should have been cut," said parent Jennifer Jackson.

Others say Mason school teachers will still manage to provide a good education to their kids.

"I'm not concerned.I've always had a good experience at Mason, from first grade on," said Foley.

Mason district leaders say part of that $5 million will come from reducing energy, printing and textbook costs.