Non-profits in danger of losing funding

By Brad Underwood - bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Local non-profit organizations may lose most, or all, of their funding because of a tightened budget at city hall.

Some local groups are in an uproar. For over two hours on Tuesday, the Cincinnati City Council Finance Committee heard from local agencies.

A motion to reduce funding was passed, and will now go to the entire city council for a vote. Several people showed up at council chambers again on Wednesday to voice concerns.

Twenty years ago, Mark Hayden was diagnosed with HIV.

The doctor said you have a good two years left, and that was 18 years ago," said Hayden.

Today, thanks to Stop AIDS, his immune system is normal. He says the organization stepped in to help when no-one would.

He lost his family, friends and job.

"Those kind of services are so important and they've allowed me to become a tax paying, working, contributing citizen in this community again," said Hayden.

The funding that helped Hayden and nearly 25,000 others a year could be cut completely in certain areas after this year.

"We stand to lose case management services for 60-80 people who need access to medication and basic needs," said Amy McMahon, CEO of Stop AIDS.

"This is where city council has to suck it up and say we're responsible," said councilmember Roxanne Qualls.

Several non profit leaders told council they can't afford the cuts.

"We were told that very unlike previous years we would be losing all of our funding," said McMahon.

"These decisions impact so many people and so many aspects of their lives," said Qualls.

And those lives affected need the service that Stop Aids provides.

"Without a place like stop aids, I'm really scared. I'm really scared what's going to happen to the new people coming in," said Hayden.

The move would affect around 50 local non-profit agencies.