Judge sets hearing to determine if Ryan Widmer will get new trial

Ryan Widmer (Courtesy Ohio Dept. of Corrections)
Ryan Widmer (Courtesy Ohio Dept. of Corrections)

LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - A Warren County judge has set a hearing to determine whether or not Ryan Widmer should get a new trial.

Widmer is the Hamilton Township man who was found guilty of murdering his wife, Sarah, by drowning her in their bathtub.

Since the conviction, however, one of the jurors said three jurors conducted their own experiments, which would have violated the judge's instructions to jurors to refrain from conducting investigations on their own.

Widmer's guilty verdict could be overturned.

"The second best alternative would be for the court to grant us a new trial," said Widmer's attorney, Charlie Rittgers.

But prosecutors have repeatedly said they don't believe Judge Neal Bronson will overturn the jury's decision.

"I feel confident that there's going to be no merit found by the judge," said Warren County Prosecutor Rachel Hutzel.

The hearing is set for April 24.

He was sentenced to a mandatory sentence of 20 years to life, which he is currently serving at an Ohio state prison.