Three indictments on charges of conspiracy to break Kentucky campaign laws

By Joe Danneman  bio/email
Produced by Michael Monks email


City Commissioner Steve Megerle and former City Commisioner Jerry Bamberger have been indicted by a  Kenton County grand jury on charges of conspiracy to violate campaign finance restrictions and failure to identify campaign contributors and advertisers.

2008 City Commission candidate and former Main Strasse bar owner--  Craig Johnson - who failed in his bid to gain a seat last fall - was also indicted on the charge of conspiracy to violate campaign finance restrictions.

The indictments follow the distribution of this pamphlet aimed to attack first-time candidate Shawn Masters. The pamphlets were distributed in the overnight hours leading up to the polls opening on Election Day in November. In it - Masters' home address and social security number are visible as bullet points detail a bankruptcy, domestic disputes, and an allegation that Masters accepted a campaign contribution from a registered sex offender.

Masters was elected to the commission.

Tonight at six thirty... Commissioner Masters talks only to FOX19. We'll have more on this - and how it may affect  Commisioner Megerle's law license and position on the Commission.