Homeswapping gaining in popularity

By Corey McConnell - email / bio

If you haven't planned your summer vacation yet and are looking for an economical option we may have your answer.

You need to have a sense of adventure and little flexibility if you're going to do a house swap.

By day Connie Greene is a teacher at Walton Verona High School, her husband is a Cincinnati firefighter, but in their off  time the Greenes are house swappers.

"I'm always looking for a bargain something really cool like that."

So they listed their riverfront house just outside of downtown on  It's a website that lets people switch houses for vacation.  The greenes just got back from Hilton Head.

"They left it full of  groceries, robes, and wind breakers and bicycle restaurant recommendations. Those two people were the nicest two people we never met. "

And the owners of the Hilton Head home took over the Greene's house downtown for a week in exchange.  The best part:

"It's free and to rent the place we stayed in I can't imagine,"    but Connie admits you have to have a sense of adventure and be ok sleeping in someone else's bed.

"Every time I go away I sleep in a bed someone else has slept in."

There's a certain amount of trust that comes with swapping your house for someone else's.

"All the fears you have about them coming into your place they have about you going into theirs."

The Greenes have gotten swap offers from both coasts and as far away as Australia. They're pleasantly surprised with the number of people who want to come to Cincinnati.

"Maybe people would need to come here for a conference or a convention or event and a location like this might be preference over a motle or hotel."

And even if your pad doesn't boast views like this or similar accomodations, with 27 thousand listings in 120 countries on finding a swap to match your pad isn't as tough as you might think.