Special Report: Finding a job in today's market

By Joe Danneman  bio / email

College seniors are about to finish their school work and graduate into the real world...and a real tough economy.

FOX19 is following four local students through the process of launching their careers, including the resumes, networking and the interviews.

The end of the school year on college campuses means the end of school for seniors. Time for a victory cigar on Victory Parkway where Aaron Armbruster is an x-treme fan at XU.

"My life, so far, has been very fulfilling," says Aaron. "And, for me, I just want a career that will, you know, allow me the means to do that for my kids."

Aaron is kicking around a career as a math teacher or maybe some grad school.

He says he typically just lucks into things, but right now he needs more than just luck.

"The process is just as hard as the search is because, you know, you don't know how to talk to people. You don't know who you need to talk to and it ends up, you know, it can kind of make your head spin at times."

"My name is Bethany Orr, I'm a senior at Miami University and I'm an early childhood education major."

One-month from her first wedding anniversary Bethany is finishing her undergrad work as a student-teacher.

"I want to do it. I want to work with kids and it's worth it to me to give it a shot at least."

She'll be certified to teach kindergarten through fifth grade and is floating forty of her resumes through local schools.

"But, it's just a lot of schools say we're not even going to talk to people with your major because there is such an overage of people."

"Last year's been a little rough," says John Voight. (:02)

He graduated with a U-C business degree last spring and is still networking for that first real job.

"The whole purpose of me getting my degree shows that, yeah, I know a little about business, but it shows I have the capacity to learn. And, right now, companies arent hiring because you have the capability to learn, they're hiring for somebody who can come in and do the job immediately."

John makes a little money waiting tables but this single father wants a more stable career for 5-month-old Emma.

"Can't wait to find a real job."

Paul Myers' passion is writing.

"I think i've got a pretty killer resume."

He is an electronic media and broadcasting major at N-K-U.

"I'm hoping to land some kind of job that uses my writing skill."

His story would challenge any writer's skills. Paul lost his eye-sight two-years-ago to a rare genetic mutation.

People told him to drop out but with his seeing-eye dog Chicago, Paul lives on his own off campus and will graduate with a gpa above three.

"They'll just look at me and be like, "well, he can't do everything that everybody else can do." and, that's not true. There was a blind man who climbed all the way to the top of mount everest."

"You know, I'm willing to do whatever it takes to find a job."

Finding and landing that first real job can be a difficult and stressful process. But, making that process even harder is trying to launch a career in this tough economy.

Says Myers, "It's kind of going out of that comfort zone, you know, and going to a new chapter of my life."

Bethany says "No matter what, I'm going to find where I'm supposed to be."

FOX19 is going to follow these students and their search for work until they land that first job.