Kia's Gumdrop Garden

Mother's Day Gumdrop Garden

1 pound cake or other loaf-shaped cake

Chocolate frosting

1 package of Ladyfingers

8-10 chocolate wafer cookies

1 tablespoon sugar


5 green toothpicks

Shredded coconut, optional

Green Food Coloring, optional

  • 1. Ice the top and sides of the pound cake with chocolate frosting. Then trim the top of each ladyfinger into a point to resemble a fence picket. Gently press the pickets against the frosted sides of the cake.
  • 2. Seal chocolate wafer cookies in a plastic bag and crush them with a rolling pin. Sprinkle the crumb "soil" on top of the cake.

  • 3. To make a row of tulips: Sprinkle sugar onto a waxed-paper-covered surface. Using a rolling pin, flatten gumdrops to a 1/4-inch thickness. With kitchen scissors, cut notches in the tops of the flattened gumdrops to create tulip shapes. Insert a toothpick stem into the base of each blossom. Make a pair of leaves for each tulip by trimming flattened green gumdrops into teardrop shapes. Spear the base of each leaf with the toothpick stem and push it halfway up the stem. Now "plant" the tulips in the cake.

If desired, sprinkle coconut tinted with green food coloring around the garden to resemble grass.