Ohio voters decide on school taxes, other issues

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Ohio voters are being urged to go to the polls to decide school tax issues and other local matters, including whether one Ohio village should be dissolved.

School issues dominate Tuesday's elections, with dozens of districts around the state hoping voters will approve tax measures to avert school budget cuts.

In Clermont County, four major school levies are on the line. In Bethel, voters are being asked to pass an additional tax levy it says will provide emergency requirements of the district. In Owensville, Clermont-Northeastern schools need money for new construction, improvements, renovations and additions. In Batavia, West Clermont Schools have a replacement levy on the ballot. They say it's for the necessary requirements of the district. And in Williamsburg, the district is asking voters to help stave off an operating deficit.

In Hamilton County, a levy for the Sycamore School District is on the ballot. The need is operating money. If the levy fails, the school district could see staff and program cuts. Winton Woods also has a levy on the ballot.

In Warren County, the Little Miami School District says it's so in need of money, it will close schools if the levy doesn't pass.

Among other questions on Ohio ballots, voters in a village east of Cincinnati are being asked to wipe the community off the map. What's now Amelia would be divided between two neighboring townships.

The referendum was sparked by a revolt over a 1 percent Amelia earnings tax to help fund village services.

In northwest Ohio, Bowling Green voters are considering a proposed ban on the use of hand-held cell phones while driving in the city.

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