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UPDATE: Jailed 92-year-old sent home

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - For months, Hamilton County Sheriff Simon Leis has been talking about overcrowding in his jails.

More than 800 prisoners were released when the Queensgate Jail closed in December, including a man who was released and allegedly raped a woman in broad daylight at Lytle Park earlier this week.

Cliff Allen went to jail on Sunday and was sentenced by Judge Nadine Allen to a mandatory 10 day sentence for a second conviction.

Cliff Allen's son, Rob, says he doesn't understand why some dangerous criminals get out of jail because of that overcrowding issue and his elderly and frail dad didn't.

"As far as I'm concerned that is where the hardened criminals go and he is definitely not a hardened criminal," said Rob Allen.

On Friday, Judge Allen sent Cliff Allen home and said he could serve the remainder of his sentence there.

Judge Allen said believed the 10 day sentence would be served at a treatment center, but according to jail spokesman Steve Barnett, a treatment center wouldn't take him because of several medical conditions.

"He actually had a stroke at the same time and he says he blacked out so I don't think it was just alcohol contributing to what happened," said Rob Allen. "Sending him somewhere to like the Talbert House would have been better for a 92-year-old man. Prison is kind of harsh."

Neighbors say the incident happened in July of last year and they say it's not the only time Cliff Allen was drinking and driving.

Cara Overton-Gross of Green Hills says she called police after seeing Allen driving erratically near her child and others playing on Andover Drive.

"I'm really stunned he went for ten days. The reason why we called and we went ahead with everything was because we wanted his license revoked and we wanted him to not be a danger to himself and everyone else," she said.

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