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UC student poll has surprising results on Zimpher

A UC class being taught by FOX19's Steve Oldfield has been learning about scientific polling methods.  One of their findings: most students wouldn't know her if they saw her.


The E-Media's Research and Resources class surveyed 779 students to see what they think of Dr. Zimpher's performance and what they'd like to see in a new president.

The following are the breakdowns of some of the answers.


How would you rate Dr. Zimpher's performance as UC's president?

- 79% rated her as average to outstanding, with 31% rating her as above average to outstanding.  Just 6 percent rated her performance as poor.

Poor    6%

Below Average    15%

Average    48%

Above average    24%

Outstanding    7%

Would You recognize Dr. Zimpher on campus?

- Nearly 60 percent said they WOULD NOT recognize Dr. Zimpher if they were to pass her on campus.

NO - 59 percent
YES  41 percent

How interactive was Dr. Zimpher with  the student body?

Not at all    11%
Rarely    29%
Somewhat    41%
Frequently    16%
Extremely    3%

Which event do you most associate with Dr. Zimpher? 45% most associate Dr. Zimpher with the firing of coach Huggins.

Developing/Improving academic programs and research    17%

Firing coach Bob Huggins    45%

Improving the campus community    10%

Not familiar enough to make a determination    24%
Other    4%

In retrospect was it a mistake to fire coach Huggins?

- YES    44%

   NO    21%

   no opinion    35%

Which quality best describes Dr. Zimpher?

Go-Getter    13%

Solid Leader    24%

Another Face in the Crowd    23%

Out of Touch    16%

Elitist    12%

Trendsetter    3%

Inept    4%

Approachable    5%

Which qualities are most important for an incoming president?

has experience as an administrator    75%

is already affiliated with UC    34%

is a woman    8%

is a man    9%

is a minority    16%

What do you feel is the best age for an incoming president?

under 30    2%

30-39    18%

40-49    51%

50-59    27%

60 plus    2 %

What is the most important issue facing the incoming UC President?

Tuition Costs    49%

Funding Student Activities    16%

Campus Safety    15%

Funding Sports    9%

Infrastructure    7%

Other    4%

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