Investigators looking for robbers targeting churches

By Brad Underwood - bio | email

AURORA, IN (FOX19) - Some local burglars are leaving your house alone, and instead targeting God's house.

Two churches have been hit by thieves in Aurora recently.

The New Hope Baptist Church lost electronics and sound equipment after a break in that police think happened in the evening, after services.

Just a few miles short miles up state road 148, a second church was broken into almost the same exact way, leading police to believe they are dealing with same suspect.

"Both share similar characteristics and method of operation that the crime was committed," said Det. Brian Fields with the Aurora Police Department.

At the Latter Day Saints Church, the thieves had to climb a wall to get to a window, leaving with a $1,500 snow blower.

"I hope they are brought to justice before they can break into another church," said Dr. Stephen Eliason, president of the Church of Latter Day Saints.

Dr. Eliason says the church will move on.

"In the process of making repairs to stuff and what was damaged and things will continue onward as usual," said Eliason.