Deputy investigated for killing goose in front of children

By Jackie Sprague - bio | email

DEERFIELD TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - An internal investigation is going on in the Warren County Sheriff's Department after a deputy beat a Canada goose to death.

It happened Sunday morning in the 9800 block of Columbia Road just north of Fields-Ertel.

The Kuhn family was on their way to church when they spotted an injured Canada goose in the front yard of home on Columbia Road.

They called the sheriff's office for help, but they say that's not what they got.

"I saw him lift his billy club up, and I started to scream, 'Stop, no, stop! This doesn't have to happen!' and he began to hit the animal," said Lisa Kuhn. "He finally puts his boot down on his neck and suffocates it. It lasted about 5 or 10 minutes. It was ridiculous."

The Kuhns say their family is traumatized. They say they were unable to leave the scene because the deputy was blocking their car. They also say they are unhappy because the deputy would not talk to them.

"We were horrified," said Lisa. "We said, 'We have children in the car. Why wouldn't you listen?' We were trying to rescue it. We thought if it needed to be put down, they would have a better way to do it."

The sheriff's office is investigating and won't comment any further.

Now the Kuhns are asking for an apology.

"We have hope that the policy is going to change and that the deputy will be punished in some way and we're asking for a written apology to us and the neighbors who witnessed it," said Lisa Kuhn. "We're upset how its affected our family and I've had nightmares."

The Ohio Division of Wildlife is also helping with the investigation. They say it is legal to humanely euthanize an injured goose. This includes breaking the neck and blunt force trauma to the head.

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