Explosives and alligator found in Lockland

Posted by Amber Jenkins - email

LOCKLAND, OH (FOX19) - Police who executed a search warrant for stolen property say they found that and more at a Lockland, Ohio consignment shop.

They also found a real life alligator and homemade explosives.

It all happened Wednesday at the Just Stuff consignment shop in the 400 block of East Wyoming Ave.

"We are somewhat taken aback by the all of the charges and some of the exotic nature of the charges that we could be looking at here," said Lt. Terry Wilkerson with Lockland Police.

Police say the alligator had been kept in a small room the basement of the store and even had its own pool.

"I've never heard of anyone having a gator around here. It's just unreal," said Lockland resident Jeff Rahe.

Once SPCA officers put the alligator in their van, Lockland Police went back to their original task and loaded up stolen property they say they had been looking for in the first place. The Cincinnati Bomb Squad was called in to dismantle the explosives.

Police say the stolen property is worth thousands of dollars. No charges have been filed yet, and police say the owners of the consignment shop are not in custody. They were not at the shop when the search warrant was executed.

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