Police look for owners of thousands of stolen items

By Sara Gouedy - bio | email

LOCKLAND, OH (FOX19) - Blue Ash Police are looking for the owners of hundreds of things they seized with Lockland Police at the Just Stuff consignment shop last week.

Blue Ash Police have thousands of dollars in stolen goods at their impound lot and a 15-page list of items. They seized it all with Lockland Police Department in that raid at Just Stuff consignment last week.

"We're looking at a lot of property. Over 300 items. Household items, power tools, musical instruments," said Lt. Dennis Boone with Blue Ash Police. "You name it, seems like it's here."

There's even a freezer full of meat.

"Before we charge anyone, or do anything, we want to have people come, take a look at this stuff, and bring your police report if you do think it's yours. We need to get it identified," said Lt. Boone.

A lot of the items have personal markings, even initials, on them.

"Our property manager doesn't want all this stuff, and so we want to get it back to the people who it belongs to," said Lt. Boone.

Investigators believe finding the victims could lead them to the next step in this ongoing investigation.

"The sooner that we can get this released to the owners, we'll photograph it and give it to them right there on the spot," said Lt. Boone.

So far, no one's been charged in the raid.