UPDATE: Prosecutors file affidavits in Widmer case

Posted by Trina Edwards - email


UPDATE: Prosecutors in the Ryan Widmer trial say they have filed affidavits from seven jurors saying they did not conduct experiments.

Three of those jurors were also used in the defense's memorandum saying jurors conducted their own experiments.

Prosecutors argue these jurors simply noted their life experiences, but did not conduct experiments.

"It is the state's position that the jurors' actions  were not improper, but even if they were, such was harmless error and did not prejudice the defendant," the State wrote in its memorandum.

It will now be up to Judge Bronson to determine if Widmer gets a new trial.


Prosecutors have until 11:30 a.m. today to file documents saying why there was not juror misconduct in Ryan Widmer's murder trial.

A jury convicted Widmer of killing his wife, Sarah, in their bathtub.

Defense attorneys filed affidavits from jurors saying they conducted their own experiments during deliberation, which was a violation of Judge Neal Bronson's orders.

The defense is looking for a new trial. A few weeks ago, Judge Bronson denied a motion to acquit and gave prosecutors 21 days to come up with evidence that there was not juror misconduct.

Prosecutors could file a continuance saying they need more time.

Once the judge gets the paperwork, he will then make a ruling on a retrial, but there's been no timetable as to when that could happen.

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