Monday is 'Ride to Work Day'

Posted by Trina Edwards - email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory has declared Monday, June 15 as "Ride to Work Day" for the city.

Each year on this day, over one million workers across the U.S. commute via motorcycles and scooters to demonstrate positive benefits from these modes of transportation, such as greater fuel efficiency, easier parking and less travel time.

"Ride to Work Day" is an international event, and is in its 18th year.

City officials say about 1 percent of commuters in Cincinnati ride their motorcycles or scooters to work on a normal day, with about 2 percent doing so on Ride to Work Day.

Local businesses and communities are asked to participate by encouraging their employees and constituents to ride their motorcycles and scooters on Ride to Work Day. Additional support may be shown through acts such as providing free parking for motorcycles or scooters or reserving parking spaces for motorcycles or scooters.

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