Layoffs possible for city employees

Posted by Trina Edwards - email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Layoffs are possible next year for Cincinnati city employees.

City Manager Milton Dohoney proposed the layoffs for 2010 during a meeting a city hall on Monday. He did not suggest layoffs this year.

Dohoney says that would not help the current $20 million budget deficit. Instead, he wants six unpaid days off for city employees this year.

"The cost saving days again achieves our savings with minimal service impact and minimizes the need for permanent layoffs," said Dohoney.

Unions will have to approve those unpaid days, and Dohoney suggests even more next year - 10 unpaid days in 2010.

He also says the city's economic development director position should remain vacant and there would be no more yard waste collection. Instead, there would be a drop-off spot.

He also proposes ending funding for the Center For Closing The Health Gap, and cutting back on school nurses.

The department cuts would save nearly $9 million, Dohoney says. Those unpaid furloughs could save over $4 million.

The city manager's Plan B could result in the elimination of 99 police officers and 105 firefighters.

The public has a chance to give their opinion during a meeting Tuesday night at the Dunham Recreation Center.

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