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Local Iranian-Americans talk about situation in Iran

By Sara Gouedy - bio | email

FLORENCE, KY (FOX19) - The Tri-state is not known for a large Iranian-American population, but there are a few immigrants willing to speak out about all that's happened in Iran the past few days.

They say they feel like what's happening in Iran is creating a chance for democracy to take hold in that country.

Three local Iranian-Americans have family back in Iran. Together, they run a cell phone shop in Florence. While the United States is their country now, their heart is still with those they left behind.

"We know they will get somewhere with this situation. Because now the whole world knows what they want," said Al Alimardani.

Each one left the country in some of the dark days, when democracy was a whisper, not a wind.

Now, they say the demonstrations going on now could be the start of a free Iran. They say their friends in Iran have wanted that longer than anyone could ever imagine, and freedom's struggle has lasted a hundred years in their native land.

"Hopefully this time they can actually reach that," said Raza Alimardani.

When asked if they thought this current election would have brought about this kind of social protest, all three said it was something they hadn't dared to dream.

"There is so much pressure in Iran, so the government, it controls everything. There is so much pressure in Iran, and we never expected its going to happen," said Moji Hassani.

Now, each hopes for peace and a new beginning. They say it may come from all the violence going on now.

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