All Star Among Us: Bob Steffen

By Joe Danneman - bio | email

Three local people are finalists in baseball's 'All-Stars Among Us' program. The winner will be honored at the All-Star game next month.

For 71 years, Bob Steffen has sat on his porch and listened to the Reds on the radio.

The former carpenter and sheriff's deputy is now retired, Bob Steffen's most important work continues.

"This year we raised over $50,000," he said.

Steffen is the founder of Big Stef, Inc. He organizes fundraisers for senior citizens, school supplies for kids and thousands in groceries.

Bob started his charity more than 20 years ago. He's so big here in Newport, they named a cheeseburger after him at the Coach's Corner Bar and Grill. His nomination comes from his secretary, who also happens to be his niece.

"He's an amazing person. Big Stef isn't what does, it's what he is," said Megan Steffen.

His charity started by handing out $15-worth of candy canes. Now, it touches thousands in northern Kentucky.

"Never did I think it was going to be like that. That's for sure," said Steffen.

Bob says if he wins this contest, he'll need to take a walker with him to St. Louis. Bob is a West Nile Virus survivor, who slipped into a coma and still struggles when he's on his feet for long periods of time. It's that part of his story that make what he does so extraordinary.

"He's such a baseball fan, such a Reds fan and to see that aspect of it along with everything that he does it would mean so much. It would be very touching to see that," said Megan.

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