Newest member of ISP is $92,000 robot


By Brad Underwood - bio | email

VERSAILLES, IN (FOX19) - The newest member of the Indiana State Police force climbs, grabs and disposes dangerous devices. It's a $92,000 robot.

"Its digital wireless, it's controlled by a console that has a digital antenna on it," explains Commander Chad Hilton with the ISP bomb squad.

'Boomer' is on tour throughout the state, showing off his skills. The 120 pound explosive ordinance device, or 'EDO' is waterproof, can travel 300 yards from its controls, has three cameras and even talks.

"It can dead lift 40 pounds. I've drug up to 215 pounds with across the floor, so it can actually remove wounded officers from the line of fire," said Hilton.

In 2008, the Indiana Bomb Squad responded to 187 calls. Now with this new robot, they're still serving the community, but keeping their men off the front lines.

"Being a tool it has its uses and its limitations, but its defiantly going to push us forward in a safer way of doing our job," said Hilton.

Each of the 1,300 bomb squads in Indiana will get one the $92,000 robots. The Versailles district should get its robot by the end of the year.

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