Flooding a concern in local neighborhood

By Dan Wells - bio | email

BELLEVUE, KY (FOX19) - Heavy rain is becoming a problem in Bellevue, and causing a huge mess.

People living on Covert Run Pike are preparing for the worst. They are trying to stop flooding that happens all the time.

They're even building their own makeshift levees, because some say it's the only piece of mind they get in fighting what seems like a never-ending battle.

"It was almost three feet of water and everything that is below three feet was flooded and then there was basically three inches of mud left when we got home," said resident Jamie Wilk.

Wilk and her family are victims of storm water problems that bring mud, muck and more inside their Covert Run Pike home.

"Some of it is sewage too, so it's creek and sewage. It's not very pleasant smelling or anything like that," said Wilk. "The furnace, the hot water heater is all under water. I mean there were minnows and salamanders in the dryer."

Wilk is unfortunately not alone. This problem is a neighborhood issue that has everyone frustrated.

"It's gross disgusting mud water," said resident Debra Mossman. "You don't know what is floating in it and that is in your basement and coming up through your toilets and sinks and drains."

So what's the solution? Neighbors say a city engineering intervention.

"You need basically three sub pumps to get the water out, when it's coming in because the drains are right by our basement and the water comes up from the drains. It not like the water comes down the street or down our driveway," said Wilk.

But in case it does, they have that taken care of too thanks to the homemade levees and retaining walls. They've become the first line of defense in a losing battle that begins every time it rains.

"Everybody just has to work their schedules around the water or when it's going to rain," said Mossman.

City officials say they have secured nearly a $1 million in funding to rip up this street and put bigger storm and water lines in. The project could start by late summer or early fall.

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