UPDATE: Son left note, tape in Forest Park murder-suicide

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UPDATE: During a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, Hamilton County coroner Dr. O'dell Owens says William Haynes left a note and a tape before he murdered his parents, then killed himself.

Owens said William had recently moved back in with his parents from Florida after he lost everything he owned to gambling debts.

On the tape, William said that he screwed up, but never gave an indication as to why he killed his parents. He said he wanted the police to go after a man who he said ran a gambling ring in Florida.


It's another shocking crime in the Tri-State.

Joseph Haynes, 86, and Joan Haynes, 72, were found dead Saturday afternoon in what appears to be a murder-suicide.

The suspected killer is the couple's 49-year-old son.

The crime tape is still up in the quiet neighborhood of Waycross Road. People who live there are obviously concerned and and mourning for a couple many say kept to themselves.

Neighbors typically describe lazy and carefree weekends on Waycross Road as nice and quiet.

But that quickly changed on Saturday afternoon when police found Joseph and Joan Haynes shot to death, allegedly by their son, William.

"The family members are telling us that as far as they knew, everything was OK here. It was a good relationship between the mom dad and son," said Forest Park police chief Phil Cannon.

Neighbors in the area say they are shocked by this crime.

"Its just heartbreaking that someone would be that depressed to take their parents lives along with their own," said neighbor Clifford Edwards,

Leroy Brown. who lives right across the street from the couple says the scene he came home to is one he will not forget.

"We left about 10:45 that morning and we got back about 5 p.m. and it was filled with cop cars, cautions tape and people standing outside," said Brown.

"It was appalling. I'm shocked," added Edwards. "I have young children here and I would never thing that someone would come to this neighborhood and do such a thing."

No official motive has been determined, but Forest Park police did say William Haynes moved back to the Tri-state from Florida after falling on hard times.

"He had lost his job and moved up here to look for a new job and make things a little better for himself," said Cannon.

"It made me think that crime is everywhere no matter what neighborhood you're in," said Edwards.

The Hamilton County Coroner's Office and Forest Park Police are continuing their investigation.

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