EPA reveals 44 hazardous coal ash sites

WASHINGTON (AP) - The government has made public a list of 26 communities in 10 states where coal ash dumps pose a potential high hazard to public health and safety.

The Environmental Protection Agency says it will inspect each of the 44 coal ash sites near the communities to make certain they are structurally sound.

The sites are being classified as potentially highly hazardous because they are near where people live and not because of any discovered defect. Until now, the site list has not been provided to the public.

Earlier this month the Army Corps of Engineers said it didn't want the locations disclosed because of national security. Coal ash - kept in ponds usually in liquid or as a slurry - is a byproduct of burning coal.

The nearest location to Cincinnati is the American Electric Power Station at Tanner's Creek in Lawrenceburg, IN.  There are three locations in Ghent, Kentucky - just about halfway to Louisville down the Ohio River.

There are 7 locations in Kentucky, 6 in Ohio, and 1 in Indian - Lawrenceburg.  For the whole list click here.

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