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UPDATE: Mannequin can wear whatever

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A local restaurant owner gets to keep his scantily dressed mannequin outside his business.

The Reading Board of Zoning Appeals ruled Monday night that Kenny Tessel can leave BarBeQ in her bikini top and Daisy Duke shorts.

An earlier ruling forced Tessel to put more clothes on the doll. Tessel appealed, got some community support, and won the right to show some plastic.

"I'm just happy. She is liberated and we can all go back to business," said Tessel.

The appeal was passed 3-2 in favor of BarBeQ.


The controversy is heating up over a busty mannequin that's outside a restaurant in Reading.

BarBe-Q sits outside K.T.'s Barbeque and Deli. The city ruled in May that the well-endowed mannequin has to cover up, but owner Kenny Tessel is appealing that decision on Monday night at the Reading Board of Zoning Appeals.

Tessel bought BarBe-Q to increase business and its nearly tripled since he placed her outside his business. But many felt her skimpy bikini top and Daisy Duke shorts were inappropriate for the small town.

The issue went to the design review board, and they decided she could stay if she dressed more conservatively. Tessel says he doesn't like the limitations on what she can and cannot wear, and that's why he's appealing the decision...

Reading officials notified the property owners within 250 feet of Tessel's restaurant, and the city's safety director says this is standard procedure and not an attempt to drum up opposition.

Tessel's collected over 800 signatures asking the board to leave BarBe alone. Tessel adds that she has been so successful that he's selling T-shirts with her image, autograph and a kiss, and looking at trademarking her.

The issue will be brought up at Monday's 6:30 p.m. meeting.

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