UPDATE: Debate over new trial for Widmer continues

Ryan Widmer (Source: Ohio Dept. of Corrections)
Ryan Widmer (Source: Ohio Dept. of Corrections)

LEBANON, Ohio (FOX19) - The debate over whether or not Ryan Widmer should get a new trial continued Monday when prosecutors filed another response to the defense's claims of jury misconduct.

A Warren County jury convicted Ryan Widmer, 28, of Lebanon of murdering 24-year-old Sarah Widmer last August.

Since then, some jurors have said they conducted home experiments, most notably on how long it would take someone to air dry after getting out of the shower. Defense attorneys argued that is not permissible and that Widmer should get a new trial.

Prosecutors contend the issue was only a small part of the case and did not play a big role in the verdict. In affidavits filed on Monday, the jury foreman noted that the air drying issued was not a key conclusion, and that the reason the jury found Widmer guilty was because of Ryan Widmer's 911 call, and evidence that Sarah died a violent death.

Prosecutors say jurors went about their daily routines as much as possible during the trial, and "relied on life experiences and common sense."

Defense attorneys will then have another chance to respond. The two sides could continue until the judge ends it.

Widmer is serving 15 years to life in prison.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.